Egg shaped mass just above crop ....

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    May 6, 2012
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    I have an 8 month old Easter Egger that has not started laying yet she had been lethargic the last couple of days.
    This morning I felt for an enlarged crop and found a hard golf ball sized mass, assuming it was an impacted crop I brought her inside and gave her hot broth, eggs and oil to try and loosen it up. She ate slowly and didn't drink much after she finished I felt her crop and it seemed loose and normal ... She has only pooped white watery today
    So I took her to the vet, she too felt the crop and said normal, not egg bound no temperature. Not too pale. But off balance and lethargic.
    After a second exam she found that lump just above the crop took a needle biopsy and an X-ray
    Under the microscope red and white blood cells nothing remarkable and maybe slight pus .... The X-ray shows an egg shaped hard mass around the trachea and spine dense she sent out for cystology but has no idea what I am dealing with
    The mass now looks like a hematoma as she must have hit a Blood vessel she gave me Bactrim. And I need to wait for the biopsy. I searched all over for evidence of a wound ..none
    Chicken continues to be lethargic has to be coaxed to eat
    An advice ????
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    Sep 28, 2013
    Sounds like she is infected with coccidiosis. A hen may be infected by it because of stress and unclean enviorments, like dirty water.
    Is her poop bloody or frothy? I once had a chicken like this and I removed it from my flock and checked it frequently for pasting. I also gave it a water with molasses mixture and gave it to it with a medicine dropper. I do not know why her crop is a big mass though.[​IMG]
    Good luck with this![​IMG]
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    May 9, 2013
    Make sure she is eating/drinking. Keep her warm,when ill they cannot maintain their body temp. Wait for test results. Generally hematomas will dissolve on there own,but if they continue to grow,may have to be surgically removed.
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