Egg shell covered in blood whilst chicken laid egg & odd brown speckles on the yolk, what is this?


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Mar 18, 2014

1. In the last 2 days my one of my chickens egg shell is covered in blood, look at the image attached of the egg in the shell, seems like it was bleeding whilst laying the egg, the red blood is dry (which is what I think it is) what is the remedy for this? what has happened to it?

2. have a look at the images of the cracked egg, there are these brown reddish speckles, what are they, is it safe to eat, what's causes these speckles in the egg how to I prevent my chickens laying eggs like these (see images circled in red)



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Mar 9, 2014
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The bits inside the egg are either old blood (the brown color vs being red which would be fresh blood) that had been in the repro tract and got picked up as the egg was being built or bits of reproductive tract tissue -- either way it is safe to eat, though some find they have a bit of mental block that keeps them from doing so. The blood on the shell indicates rupture of vessels in the repro tract between the shell glad and the vent - not anything to be overly concerned about as an occasional thing, but if it were to become a daily occurrence it would give me more pause. When you think about the structure of the tract and how rich in vessels, etc it is it stands to reason that now and then ruptures will occur - especially at the point of expulsion when the tissues are stretched, thinned and vulnerable to rupture.

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