Egg size Substitutions?


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My recipe calls for 3 large eggs. I only have extra-large eggs. Sould I just use two extra larges?

Is there a formula for figuring out egg size substituitions? I read somewhere that 3 bantam eggs equals two 'normal' sixed eggs. Does that mean two large eggs?

Ok, last question, how do you guys grade your eggs? Are there 'egg grading rings' or something that you slip the egg through to gague it's size? If there isn't what do you all use?

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Egg grading and egg size are two different things. When you grade you are looking at the quality of the shell and candle to look inside to make sure there are not blood spots or double yolkers, etc.

There is a basic weight for size.

I got an egg grading manual and I believe it is from the USDA.

I do not know what the substitutions are, sorry.


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I almost always add an extra egg to any recipe I make, especially if it is not a baked good. Actually, I do it for baked goods too and skimp a bit on the other liquid or the butter. I figure the extra nutrition won't hurt and the extra egg makes things a bit richer which I like. I bake a lot (several times a week) and have yet to find a recipe that was not just as good or better with the extra egg.

In short, I would not worry one bit about eggs being too big for a recipe, and if they seem small I would just add another whole one! After all, it's not like we are short on eggs!

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