Egg? Slime on chest loosing feathers?????

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    Mar 21, 2010
    [​IMG]I have an approx. 1 yo legghorn hen. It's getting cooler nights are getting shorter. She's loosing feathers on her chest. But when I pulled her out of the nest her chest was covered with yellowish slime. I'm thinking she layed an egg that didn't have a shell because she's molting but I'm not sure. Didn't even know she was loosing feathers until I went to wipe the slim off. I don't think she has diarrhea because the poop board had no diarrhea when I wiped it off this morning. She looks fine, moves well, no trouble breathing, other two eating scratching in the yard along with her. Is this normal with molting????? Do I need to worry about her. I cleaned out the soggy slime covered bedding in the nest and put her back in after wiping most of the slime off her. Do I need to do anything else??? Any advise welcomed I'm fairly new at this. Looked at the other listings didn't see anything about slime with molting.
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    Is she broody? they pull the underneath feathers out so there will be skin contact for the eggs. When I have yellow slime on eggs or in the nest, either someone broke an egg accidentally and ate the egg shells, or...I have an egg eater. Usually if an egg is broken, most of the shell is gone, but not all of it. I have a lot of hens and they all want the same box at the same time. Broken eggs happen.
    We are in the process of rolling egg boxes to keep this from happening.

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