egg song a 14 weeks old huh?

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    Apr 29, 2010
    Ok folks I woke up this morning to our 14 week old buff Orpington singing an egg song and strutting around.seems kinda early. is that a sign that I should move them to layer food? I've always had late bloomers so it took me totally by surprise. Any advice?
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  2. oldhenlikesdogs

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    She's practicing. I would put out a bowl of oyster shells instead of switching to layer, unless you are feeding a medicated grower than switch to a non medicated. Layer has lower protein, and higher calcium, so switching to it too soon can slow down growth, adding oyster shells will give them access to extra calcium. I don't actually feed layer anymore as I found my hens became depleted on it as I like to feed scratch which brought their daily protein down, layer is 16% which is the minimum daily requirement for egg production so if you feed it you shouldn't add anything extra to the diet.
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    Just because a chicken cackles doesnt mean their laying eggs or practicing.They could do it becuase their alerting becuase they were spooked because they are upset or because they are communicating.Possibility they were alone and looking for their flock memebers.

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