Egg stamps


Apr 25, 2021
Apex NC
Not sure if this is the right category to post in but for those of yall who have egg stamps, what size do you get? I have found someone who can put my logo on the stamp but not sure what size to get.

This is all premature because none of my girls are laying yet!

I have 2 Wyandotte, a chantecler, 2 Rocks, a Cochin, Ancona, Delaware, Orpington, and a cream leg bar hen if that helps with egg size? And of course my Marans turned out to be a roo...

The ones I've seen are really small, like half an inch and circular shaped. I do not know if that is the standard, but maybe it is due to the curved surface.

That sounds really cute though. :). Very excited for our new eggs.
The person who can make it offers many sizes and says it depends on egg size?

I'm happy to have found someone who can make my logo ( my profile pic)

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