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    Jun 19, 2008
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    I just had to post this, because it was very funny to me. We have a goose, I cannot think of the breed right now, and she shares a coop and run with our 3 female ducks and male duck. Well our duck has been wanting to go broody for a while so we finally decided to let her. Well we noticed the eggs kept getting gone. We have had a snake problem earlier this year so we thought that might be it. I noticed that the goose was broody too but we have no male goose so it was pointless. I made her get up and guess what! SHe was sitting on 20 duck eggs!!!! She had been waiting til the duck would get up to eat and she would roll the eggs under her. The poor duck was walking around with her neck all tucked in just quacking like crazy!! We candled the eggs and all but 3 were infertile or didn't develop. I just wanted to share this, it was funny.
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    Poor girl. It is kinda funny though! [​IMG]
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    Can you imagine if she'd hatched 20 babies?!?

    Thank goodness birds don't nurse.

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