egg stepped on, chick breathing, anything I can do?


May 25, 2021
Tennessee, United States
Egg got stepped on (we think). Our broody hen had 6 fertilized eggs. One of them hatched 2 days ago so we were going to candle the rest today to see if any others were developing. When we went to check we realized one of the eggs had fallen out of her nest and I guess one of the other hens stepped on it. The chick was still breathing so I have moved it inside to a makeshift incubator with a warm wet paper towel over it. Is there anything I can do to save it? The yolk is outside the body but still attached. It is breathing seemingly fine. It looks a lot more bloody in the picture than in person but the vessels of the membrane definitely broke. This is our first time hatching and although we knew going in that not all would make it I want to do all I can to save it.


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