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Sep 2, 2012
Ok, I know I can store my eggs on the counter if they are UNwashed, and never been refridgerated. but my husband raised a good question tonight.....what about during the winter? does the cold weather count as being refridgerated? and thus my eggs can not stay on the counter?
Not my house....outside! once i bring them in fro the nesting boxes, they will be outside temp amd get warmer in my house. but since they are already cold should they go to the fridge?
I never refridgerate my eggs as a rule, unless I'm quite overrun and they're going to be around for weeks. Even then it's more a space issue--I have more fridge space than counter space!

I love having eggs on my counter--a bowl of colorful eggs just looks so nice.
so cold winter weather should be no problem then? some mornongs, i'm sure the eggs are colder outside than my fridge lol
I would put them in the refrigerator. I have had numerous incidences of frozen eggs where I put them in the fridge and later discover that one out of a couple dozen has a wide split in it. Of course I toss that one.

Frozen eggs also makes the whites watery after they thaw out. So I don't trust those eggshells as much in the wintertime. I also try to use them up immediately once they have been frozen.

If the temperatures aren't freezing outside, I'd just go on as normal (which for me is to leave them in the garage for 2 or 3 days, then wash them and put them in the fridge).
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