Egg Thief Steals Fake Egg!

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  1. All my hens except Sophie lay in the nest box. Sophie, however, has decided the rose bushes are the best place in the world to lay her eggs. So I put a ceramic egg in there to try to make sure that if she won't lay in the nest box, at least I know where she IS laying and don't have to play Easter Egg Hunt every day. The other day I went to check the rose bushes and the ceramic egg was gone. They look so realistic in size, weight, color exactly like my speckled sussex eggs that I put a "c" on them to indicate "ceramic" [​IMG]

    Our entire property is perimeter fenced and we're on a dead end road more than 1/4 mile off the road. Very private. So it was not a human thief. I'm guessing some snake swallowed it on the spot. It probably smelled just like chicken, as Sophie sat on it every day (well, 5-6 days a week) and laid her real egg. I figure if it was any other animal thief, they would have tried to break and eat the contents on the spot, then dropped the egg when they realized their mistake. But no sign of this egg anywhere. So you thinking snake? Other ideas? Would this kill the snake, since it's obviously not digestible?
    I gotta say, it was pretty funny when I realized what happened.
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    Snakes will definitely do this, and yes, it should kill the snake. Maybe a large enough snake could survive by passing the egg.
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    A snake eating on the spot is a possibility, but some mammalian predators sometimes carry off an intact egg, leaving no remains, to eat it later.
  4. What a disappointing meal that would have been!
  5. What types of snakes eat eggs?
  6. Most snakes will eat eggs. Of course, I've also seen my chickens eat small rattlesnakes and other snakes too. [​IMG]

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