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    May 11, 2011
    I am still new with my girls, their just 30 wks. I don't really know what to do with my eggs, wash or no wash? Can they be unrefrigerated for how long? My husband fusses at me for barely cleaning them. I feel so little and useless. I am the one that feeds, waters and cleans their coop and talks to them, yet I still don't know if I am even doing things right. If there is a book please let me know, one that is somewhat step by step. Thanks to anyone that can help.
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    What you'll get on egg washing is a lot of different opinions. I wash mine only if they're poopy. In Europe and other foreign countries they sell eggs off the store shelf, unrefrigerated. Mother Earth News did an extensive study on how long eggs keep and different ways of storing them; it's an interesting read. It's certainly not necessary if you will use them within a week or two, but refrigeration extends their "nice and fresh" life.

    There are several books, Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens and Raising Chickens for Dummies, to name two. But the info is on this website, too. You might want to start with the Learning Center (top of page,) the FAQ page, and the stickies at the beginning of the chicken forums.

    There are about as many ways of taking care of chickens are there are chicken keepers. If your chickens are healthy and happy, you're probably doing fine!
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    You will learn everything you need to know, right on this forum. Hopefully, you will gain confidence with experience. If your hens are alive and well, you're doing fine!

    Eggs have a nice mucus "sealer" on them from coming through the hens body. This helps to keep the eggs fresh, longer. Don't wash the eggs unless they have dirt or poop on them. I just take a damp paper towel and brush them off if they are dirty. Some folks do not refrigerate their eggs at all and they are fine for a week or two.
    Remember, there is no perfection here. You just do your best, learn as you go, and have fun! [​IMG]
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    The short story is as long as there is no visible dirt on the eggs there is no need to wash them and unwashed eggs do not need to be refrigerated. If it bothers you, wait and wash them before using them. If you search posts on egg washing you can get the longer version as to why and how long they can be kept unwashed.
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    May 13, 2010
    Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens has a whole section on eggs...keeping,washing (or not),cooking,storing, anatomy of the egg...just everything...besides here on BYC that book is a great help.

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