Egg white recipes needed!

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    A friend was telling me that she's making her "famous" eggnog this weekend and that it starts with the yolks of 6 dozen eggs (and ends with rum [​IMG] <- me after drinking it ). I asked what she does with the whites and she said she just throws them away. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I offered to help her today and take those pesky egg whites off her hands, but I need some ideas about what to do with 6 dozen egg whites. I know I can freeze them, but eventually I still need to make them into something....

    If you have recipes that are grain free (no bread, flour, corn, very little rice) and soy free please please please start posting them!
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    How to Freeze Egg Whites

    Use ice cube trays to freeze individual egg whites, one per cube. Once they're frozen, put them into a labeled freezer bag.

    Thaw in refrigerator to use.
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    Look up any recipe for angel food cake. They usually use about 10 egg whites. Nice luck to not have to deal with 10 leftover yolks. Angel food cake freezes well

    Coconut macaroons use egg whites. Macaroons freeze really well and if you want extra fancy, dip one edge in a bit of milk chocolate. They make killer Christmas gifts.

    Pavlova uses egg whites. It has to be eaten fairly soon and costs a lot to make because of all the fresh fruit.

    Give me a couple of hours and I will dig around and see if I can find my mother's old recipe for macaroons. It is unusual because it uses condensed milk, but it is oh-so-good.

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