egg yoke color wierd!!!!!!

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    May 30, 2011
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    hey hey everyone! i have 3 golden comets and 3 barred rock chickens and 2 of the golden comets are now laying eggs with a very pale egg yoke and they tast fine but it concernes me that it is different than the others! they all have the same diet and are VERY healthy!!!! they all lay everyday (except the new layer) and their poop is fine and they all eat and drink the same thing! why in the world is it different? please help i need to know if i can continue to eat them with my sister and mom and dad!

    <3 lucyboo
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    lucyboo... There is a great piece in "Chickens from Hobby Farms" summer 2011 page 46. Or you could do a search on BYC. Although the chickens are offered the same diet, they may not be eating the same.
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    Aug 20, 2010
    Agree with above poster. And it's fine to eat them.
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    My chicks egg yolks were very pale also, then I started giving them dark green leafy veggies such as spinach leaves and banana leaves (plentiful here), now the yolks are a deep yellow. Start adding to their daily diet and soon you will see the change. Also, they love the daily treat!
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    It's perfectly fine and they are just as safe to eat as the eggs with the darker yolks. All it means is that the other hens are eating more leafy greens than these two. I have one hen who because of a cross beak deformity physically can't eat things like greens or pretty much anything that the other hens eat when they are roaming my yard. Because the only thing she can eat is the layer crumbles (and the occasional treat like soup or runny mashed potatoes and the like) her yolks are a much paler yellow than all of the others. Maybe your two hens that are laying the pale yolks just like the pellets more than the rest of your chickens. Or maybe they are low on the pecking order and the other hens are keeping them from getting as much of the "good stuff" as everyone else. Try offering more greens and offer them in several locations at once and see if it improves the color.
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    thanx every one i really will try all of ur answers.
    -the poster above: they r infact the two lowest in the pecking order. we let them out for 3 to 4 hrs a day usually (but they have VERY big runs and coops) and feed them vegiies and fruit evryday so i dont c why. but we will try to feed them seporatly so tht they like u said can get their own. thanx again.

    God bless!!!

    <3 lucyboo

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