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    Oct 5, 2012
    My hens have just started laying and I do have a variety of breeds mentioned in my introduction. I recall being told in Germany when visiting my Oma (Grandmother) to only by eggs from a particular lady at the farmers market.

    I recall the yolks were very bright orangie yellow yolks. I later learned as Oma would crack an egg she would say that she was a luck woman. What I found out was that almost every egg was a double yolk. Many years later as an adult I moved to Germany. I bought my eggs from the same lady, still double yolks 8 out of 12 were doubles. What she meant by being a lucky woman was that she got 2 yolks for the price of one.

    Does anyone know what to feed the chickens to get a deeper yellow or orange yolk??

    Our chickens are only fed organic feed and daily they recieve fresh vegetabels, and most items from the chicken treats page.

    Cluckie Coop
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    Hi, Raymond,

    I have had hens for about 15 years now. They have the run of 2 acres around our house. I feed them cracked corn and laying pellets and then they eat all the seeds, grass and bugs they can find.

    Their yokes are bright orange/yellow and taste like cream. I have Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Rocks, New Hampshires and Australops. All brown eggs.

    Occasionally I have gotten double yokes but not very often. I think it has more to do with the hen than with what they eat. The hen who laid the double yokes was a Rhode Island Red and she didn't start doing it until she was mature - like 5 years old.

    I think that free range eating opportunities of my chickens has more to do with the color of the yokes than anything else. With a rooster to guard them they are very happy hens.

    Good luck,
    Chips' Owner
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    Color and firmness of the yellows are from their diet my aunt was off the farm for 50 years and thought there was something wrong with some eggs my parents got from a neighbor because she couldn't realize that farm fresh eggs where different from the store bought variety.
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    Greens high in beta carotene cause the orange yolks. Feed them cantaloupe, Swiss chard, spinach, clover, carrot tops, beet greens, etc.

    Chickens that free range get the greens naturally. If free ranging is not an option for you, just supplement with the greens.
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