Egg Yolk Peritonitis Prevention or Management


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Hello - I have four ex-bats and have found this forum invaluable in the year I've had my girls!

I discovered one of my girls, Diana had a very swollen tummy on Sunday - I searched BackyardChickens Forum and realised that she probably has EYP. I followed the excellent advice and gave her aspirin etc. until the vet opened Tuesday (as it was a bank holiday on Monday). She is now on Baytril and doesn't seem to be in any pain (maybe that's because I gave her Aspirin Sunday, Metcam yesterday and Aspirin again today, BTW the vet said not to give aspirin and metacam at the same time as you could OD the hen). She is still in good form - the first thing she did when I let her out of her basket was eat her food. I'm a bit concerned as I don't think she has pooped today but I'll keep monitoring her.

In the year I have had her I don't think she has ever produced an egg but that's probably because they are being diverted. I love Diana and all my girls and couldn't care less if I never got another egg once they are healthy and happy!!

What I want to ask is if I limited the amount of daylight she got would this prevent her from trying to lay eggs? Has anyone tried this as a preventative measure against EYP or would it be cruel?

I look forward to all your wise words!
Well, the good news is that I have found Baytril to cause infertility in chickens. So hopefully it will work for your girl too!
I have a roo and a hen that each received Baytril for a week long course a year and a half ago. The hen has not laid an egg since then and the roo (while he has TRIED) has not fertilized a single egg since being on Baytril.
yes, darkness should stop her laying. Also reduce the protein, i.e. it's best to feed just grain for a while to give her laying system a rest. The darkness and lower protein should work pretty quickly.
good luck, EYP is a terrible thing,
That is good news!
If she pulls through it sounds like keeping her on a low dose of Baytril is the way to go.

She's quiet sleepy today and is sitting in my porch - I don't think she can poop and wonder should I ask the vet to drain some of the fluid - maybe I'll give her until this afternoon to see if the antibiotics kick in.

Erica I'll reduce the protein too and see if it helps!

Thanks so much again.
Sounds good that your girl is on baytril. How much are you giving her? My girl is also on Baytril and Metacam as well. We don't know if it is EYP...we know she has fluid and inflammation in her abdomen through xrays. She is feeling better, dustbathing, eating and even scratching and trotting around. Her color is back on her comb/face/waddles but I'm still very worried. Parsley is my favorite girl!

Are you taking photos of her poops? Are you noting any fluid under her roost or where she sleeps at night? The past two nights there has been a large shadow of fluid where she slept with her dry normal poop in the middle. Last night there was no fluid shadow under her. Please keep us updated.

Good Luck!
I've got one now I had to drain several times and treat for a week or two with Baytril. The big problem after that was getting her fattened up. I've been feeding her egg yolk on catfood, grapes, lettuce, tomatos. She's doing good for now. Her comb is fairly red now, not upright, but she's feisty. Still a little skinny but eating like a pig. I don't care if she lays another egg either (we call her Streetie because she's always been a little street fighter. Streetie McCreety). The good thing is she's older so hopefully she won't have a lot of misfires.
Just remember that a low dose of antibiotics for any duration of time increases the proportion of drug resistant bacteria.

A bit about the drug:

Exactly. You do not want to keep her on Baytril long term. Give it to her for her prescribed duration only, and hope that it does the same thing to her that it has done to the chickens I have had on it. Mine took it a year and a half ago and are still infertile.

Bayril is a fantastic drug, we don't want bugs to become resistant to it.
Hi Guys,

I'll keep that in mind about the Baytril.

Spinster_Sisiter - how long did it take the antibiotics to take affect? I can't see a big improvement in Diana yet - she's had two days or four doses - she gets 5.5. I have a cat on Metacam so always have it in the house but she doesn't seem to be in any pain - should I give her some anyway, if so how much do you give your hen (this is serious stuff and can cause kidney problems if you give too much of it). Maybe I'm expecting too much from her - she's still eating well and scratching around with the other girls some of the time and has a red if slightly floppy comb - it's when she's resting she looks so unwell. She's waddling around and I'm taking as many obstacles out of her way as possible!

I will watch her today and get some photos of her poops - every time I think she's done one there's another hen around so I'm not certain it's hers.

Final questions - should I continue with the calcium and diuretic or leave off and at what point should I ask the vet to drain off some of the fluid? Chkn - how did you know when to drain?

Thanks everyone for all your help - it's good to feel I'm not alone!

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