Egg Yolk Peritonitis


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Aug 30, 2011
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Hello - I have four ex-bats and have found this forum invaluable in the year I've my girls!

I discovered one of my girls, Diana had a very swollen tummy on Sunday - I searched BackyardChickens Forum and realised that she probably has EYP. I followed the excellent advice and gave her aspirin etc. until the vet opened today (bank holiday yesterday). She is now on Baytril and doesn't seem to be in any pain (maybe that's because I gave her Aspirin Sunday, Metcam yesterday and Aspirin again today, BTW the vet said not to give aspirin and metacam at the same time as you could OD the hen). She is still in good form - the first thing she did when I let her out of her basket was eat her food. I'm a bit concerned as I don't think she has pooped today but I'll keep monitoring her.

What I want to ask is if I limited the amount of daylight she got would this prevent her from trying to lay eggs? In the year I have had her I don't think she has ever produced an egg but that's probably because they are being diverted. I love Diana and all my girls and couldn't care less if I never got another egg!! Has anyone tried this as a preventative measure or would it be cruel?

I look forward to all your wise words!
Well factory chickens, where you get store bought eggs from, don't get any sun at all. Of course they are given certain drugs and hormones to help them. I suggest she gets sun anyway, she'll live longer, and be healthier.

I've never heard of EYP before.
I researched it, it also could be Egg Binding, if it is that she'll need lots of sun, egg shells or calcium blocks. Even if it's EYP she'll need that to prevent it from happening again.
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Hi - it's definitely not egg binding. Since I got my girls they have been free range with all the sun their little bodies can soak up! EYP is caused when the egg yolk does not travel down the laying canal but drops into the abdomen, the yolks can attach themselves to other organs etc. So basically I want to stop her from attempting to lay eggs, some people have tried having the hen spayed but I don't want to risk putting her through that.
Hmm, don't give her laying hen feed, it is still possible for her to lay, unless you put her in a pitch black room, which would be turture. Even if she's in a dark room, she'll expand her comb to asorb light and then she'll lay, I have no clue what could stop her from laying.
Ah thank you! And thanks to symphony for the advice so far. I've given Diana her second dose of antibiotic and she seems very perky. Now another question, did I read on this forum that I should be giving her a pro biotic while she's on the anti biotic? Sorry for all the questions but it's so good to talk to people who understand!!

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