Egg Yolk Peritonitis


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6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
Wicomico Church, VA
I have an easter egger that has always laid thin shelled deformed eggs. About a week and a half ago I noticed her abdomen was swollen, hard and she could barely walk. I thought it was a fluid build up so I tried to remove the fluid in her abdomen but, when the syringe was inserted the plunger was very difficult to withdraw. I pulled the needle out and it was filled with what appeared to be egg yolk. For five days I gave her daily injections of Baytril. She appeared to be getting better after the first day, she perked up, started walking normally, and generally seemed to be in better health. Today she is swollen again, siiting down to eat, and seems to be back on a downhill slide.

Now for the question. Am I fighting a losing battle? Should I just make her comfortable until she is in pain then cull her? She is a beautiful gold and black girl and, out of the flock, just happens to be my favorite so I am willing to do just about anything but I do not want to draw this out and make her life uncomfortable.

Anyone has any ideas I am all ears. Thanks in advance.

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