Eggbound RIR?

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    Oct 8, 2008
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    I have a hen that has a swollen (tight as a drum) abdomen. Has been laying for about 2 years now. she is eating and drinking ( I think) but just walks slowly or sits on the ground when the others are out. My other two gertrudes are fine. Have her in a sink of warm water while I gently massaged her abdomen from front to back. I can not feel an egg though. Could it be contipated? I do not have any mineral oil, so i used olive, and put it in her vent via 3cc syringe. Any suggestions or thoughts? Don't think she will last a lot longer like this.
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    I suspect you're not getting replies because you're already doing what people might suggest. I don't have anything for you except a wish for good luck.

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