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    May 21, 2014
    My 2 yo Americauna has not laid a "good egg" in nearly 3 weeks (she used to lay almost daily). I found one very thin shelled broken egg in their coop that I know was hers. She had runny stool and was showing signs of being eggbound (waddling, not being as active as normal). We separated her, gave her a warm soak, massaged her vent for 30 minutes. I felt no egg. She is eating and drinking and seems to have mostly solid stool. She devoured some grape tomatoes with Tums so I know she is currently up on calcium. Her eggs are the smallest out of any from my flock, so I am not concerned about her being bound by one that is too large.

    Am I worried about nothing? I don't want to keep her separated from the flock for too long for fear of her being bullied upon reintroduction.I also don't want to search too deeply into her vent for fear of breaking an egg and hurting her.
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    I would not keep her separate, she's probably ending her laying season and will soon start to molt, they can get a bit uncomfortable. Best to leave her be, I'm sure shortly she will start to lose feathers.

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