Jul 23, 2019
Northwest Illinois
Looking for advice:

We got a small flock of hens a few months back and introduced them to our current flock. One of them we think is an araucana, she lays blue eggs. About a week after we got her we saw our first blue egg(july) but now it’s almost September and we haven’t seen a blue egg since. They don’t free range very often and all of our other birds are laying. They’re on a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. She isn’t walking as if she’s eggbound.. Why would she just stop laying eggs all of the sudden? (These pictures are from when we first got the new hens, her feathers are gone because 1. I think they were fighting over food from where we first got them and 2. She is our roosters favorite hen )


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most likely getting ready to molt, mine at least stagger them, it started about time nights started getting cooler as this flock the older ones are 2.5 years old the younger hens are spring babies going through their first northern winter. as soon as they get through with molting they should resume, just be aware that as days get shorter they may lay less too.

one thing if you think they are squabbling over food is to put at least one more drink water station across from area where main one is helps keep down squabbles

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