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    I shared photos last fall when we were building our coop, but as we completed the structure the snow flew, and we completed some of the construction details this season. So here's the status as of today.

    I have to tell you - I realize that this scale of a house could have been easily avoided, or done more economically, but having this in our front yard is simply fun. The physical dimensions are only 10x12, but it is fully insulated, has vinyl dual-pane windows that we obtained very inexpensively as "mis-ordered" from local shops, it is wired with lights and a heater, and even a timer for holiday lighting. We have a waiting list of neighbors who buy our eggs, and that covers our feed bill. And the girls promptly put themselves to bed each night, with us only needing to go out and close the gate to the enclosed run.

    We are in Mount Shasta, CA. Elevation 3600'. We were blessed with a 40-year record snowfall in January. We were really relieved that we built the structure as well as we did because it was a lot more convenient to work in the shed, out of the weather, and that the girls were warm and happy.

    One thing I need to work on is the snow that comes off the roof of the outdoor run. With the gate located at the same face where the snow slides off, we had to dig our way to the gate a few times after big storms.


    With the help of a friend who is a cabinet maker, I came up with a great "easy-clean" pull-out poo tray under the roosts.


    Here's the inside view under the roosts


    The whole place got a coat of paint


    And we built the fold-up stairs into the loft


    Here's the stairs in position ready for use


    And here is another view with everything open


    And in case you didn't catch the story of our hen who was trapped in the barn for 3 weeks without food or water , here's our little girl who survived the impossible!

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    [​IMG] cool digs! Awsome job and thanks for sharing!

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