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    Jul 1, 2010
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    OK, I have seen the Eggies commercials on TV that tout the wonder of "shelless eggs". It looked so easy. I reminded myself how difficult it can be peeling fresh, really fresh hard boiled eggs. I have even cut the boiled egg in half and scooped it out of the shell with a spoon. So Eggies looked like the answer to my dilemma of trying to have "pretty" boiled eggs to take deviled eggs to the church dinners, instead of eggs that have peeled away the white with the shell. [​IMG]

    I was in WalMart and saw a display for eggies. No, I didn't get the slicer for calling now or another ''free' set of eggies. I got the eggies out so I could make deviled eggs without the time spent trying to peel the perfect boiled egg. Each eggie is in 3 pieces. OK......... Oh! the eggie must be greased before each use..........( don't have to grease egg shells).........assemble the eggie and pour in an egg, then screw the top on. I said, screw the top on..................minutes go by while I fumble with the top trying not to dump the raw egg on myself............still screwing the top it!!!! Now the next eggie...... [​IMG] I reread the directions to double check if I am really that inept or could it possibly be those EGGIES????? Hmmmm......could it be me?? (don't have to assemble egg shells) I FINALLY [​IMG] get all the Eggies filled and assembled, I gaze longingly at the pile of cracked open, empty egg shells.

    Read directions again......fill pot with water until Eggies float......(real eggs sink--don't want floaties) ..........turn on heat and yes a watched pot DOES just takes a looooooong time. With all the pride of a hen that just laid those Eggies, [​IMG] I watched the water boil..........and the durn Eggies leak whites into the water. They foamed up like a mad dog [​IMG] I kept taking the pot off the burner to let the foam subside. Boiled those Eggies 15 minutes......just like directions said....(real eggs don't take that long).....THEY'RE DONE! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    After cooling properly, I opened up the Eggies. Sneering at the pile of egg shells, those cracked has-beens, I unscrewed the 1st Eggie. The perfectly boiled egg glistened, it was beautiful. [​IMG] I turned the Eggie over. Nothing. I rapped on the bottom of the Eggie. Still nothing. I resorted to redneck ingenuity and dug it out with a knife. POP! Out came a perfect, if weird shaped, boiled egg. TA-DA!!! What? Whatzis stuff in the bottom of the Eggie? Eggwhite? (and stuck in there real good too) I opened all the Eggies and every one of them had egg white stuck to the plastic........I greased them just like the directions said..........what a mess. [​IMG] I soaked them overnight.

    The Eggies boiled eggs were flat on one end. They looked like my chickens laid reject eggs. I deviled 'em anyway. The pile of egg shells didn't look so bad the time it took to use those darn Eggies, I could have made 3 times the boiled eggs. (not a time saver) [​IMG]

    As far as I'm concerned, those Eggies can take this [​IMG] EGG SHELLS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    ARRR AR AR HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry that was SOOO funny. I just couldn't bring myself to get something that put a flat spot on the egg so for every egg you boil you just get one deviled egg. Thank you for sharing.
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    May 14, 2011
    Thank you for the effort of finding out what the eggies really do. ( I was going to go get some tomorrow) I thank you for saving me the trip to the store and the $ on a waste of time.
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    Jul 16, 2011
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    I can't even remember all the times that I have passed by those Eggies at Wal-mart, saw a commercial or got an email and said I wish I had that! I hate peeling boiled eggs. That would be so much easier and faster. I really did want to buy them. Just did not want to spend the money on that when there were other more important things the family needs than a time saver.
    Please others post your results with this product!!
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    Mar 16, 2011
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    I thought about getting eggies too until I discovered the trick (on here somewhere!) of hard boiled eggs. Even those straight out of the coop come out perfect every time. No kidding! You bring the water to a boil. Laddle the eggs into the boiling water. Leave them there for 15 mintues (still boiling). Take them out straight to a bowl of ice water and leave for 5 mintues. I have not had trouble with a single egg in the months I have been doing this since I found out this method. Only down side is I find myself cutting my eggs in half and popping them into the mircowave for a few seconds before eating because they are cold by time they are done with the ice water bath.
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    Quote:It works even better if you gently crack the shells with the backside of a spoon to loosen up the shells before putting them in the cold water to soak a few minutes. [​IMG] But I have had eggs that a impact hammer wouldn't get the darn shells off. [​IMG]
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    Sep 14, 2008
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    Quote:me too, and like you, i read it on here, i do it this way now too, and believe me, its so easy
    i really have to thank the lady who put it on here and her husband for showing and telling her how to do it.

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