egglaying and roosters


8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
To those of yall that have been doing this a while, do hens tend to lay more or less when a rooster is around? My young rooster has just recently decided to grow up, and he is keeping some of my hens in a frazzle. Not sure if I shouldn't just separate him with his favorites.
Just the presence of a rooster does not affect egg production. The stress a rooster can cause can cause some hens to stop laying. A good gentle rooster can improve the mood of his harem and the hens tend to lay more eggs. There are a few old wives tells that I have heard over the years about egg production. If he is the only rooster and he is causing unhappy hens, then you could just separate him. If he is rough I would not put a small amount of hens with him, because he might do more harm than good. I would make him have a timeout.

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