Eggless Pasta carbonara

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  1. Nicola

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    Feb 23, 2009
    This is a egg free recipe as 2 people in my house are intolerant to eggs.
    1 600ml ( erm.. i think? thats 20 fluid ounces )Tub of thickened cream ( the kind you use for whipping it may have a different name in the states)
    1 Onion. diced finely.[​IMG]
    5 or 6 rashers of Bacon diced into squares.
    1 chicken stock cube
    1 clove of fresh garlic crushed.
    tablespoon of olive oil
    And a packet of pasta of your choosing. i prefer penne pasta
    OPTIONAL: 5 button mushrooms Sliced finely

    In a large-ish electric fry pan ( or on stove top i just find electric pans are easier) heat up your tablespoon of oil, Add Bacon cook for a few minutes, then add the onions and garlic, Brown off. ( IF ADDING MUSHROOMS: add them now, and soften) [​IMG]
    Next Pour the Cream into the frying pan with the bacon garlic and onion, Give it a mix , add the crumbled up chicken stock cube stir.[​IMG]
    Bring the sauce mix up to boiling point. then turn down to simmer stirring occasionally till its reduced into more of a sauce type texture.
    While the sauce is simmering..[​IMG] Start boiling some water in a pot for your pasta, once boiling add your pasta and cook.

    Strain when cooked( put strained pasta back in pot), and the sauce is ready.(should be by this time [​IMG] )
    Then to serve you can either.. add the sauce into the drained pasta in the pot.. and mix that around. or Put the plain pasta in serving bowls and spoon the sauce on top. [​IMG]

    Add Parmesan cheese on top if you like and enjoy [​IMG]
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    Jul 16, 2011
    I love carbonara, I love pasta.... :DDDD YUM I wanna make this... It'll be my next after work meal! Thanks Nic!

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