Eggs are nice but rototilling my garden is bliss.


10 Years
Apr 17, 2009
Michigan - in the thumb
I just finished moving the garden fence to make the garden bigger and adding fence so the chickens can go right from the coop to garden. It is so nice letting them tear up the garden to get it ready for next year. Plus it will give my flower beds a break from the chickens.

Next year I'm going to add a door so they can take a more direct route from the run to the garden.

Fertilizing and rototilling is just so perfect. Plus there is minimal work for me.
Mine do a great job at clearing debris like dead leaves and seed pods out of the garden. I don't have to spend time dead-heading flowers! I can't wait to sprinkle compost in the garden and let them scratch it into the soil for me next spring. They really do earn their keep!
My compst pile is in the garden and they were already tearing into it. I put about 10 garbage cans full of leaves and they so a great job of working them into the soil. Definatley earning their keep.
It's like having a landscaper live with you! Mine have done a great job composting the leaves and debugging the area! I have to get some fencing to keep them out of my raised beds though. They do a good bit of weeding as well.

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