eggs are tough to crack/peel


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Is it normal to have the shells be extremely difficult to crack? or does this mean I am giving them too much calcium? Also, when I hard boil them they are a pain to peel.....any suggestions? Thanks:)
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From what I have been told the eggs we get from our chickens are hard to peel when they are fresh. If they sit for a few days it makes it easier. I have read some other posts about how to do it sooner but can't remember. Sorry.
Thanks, I will try the vinegar. I was thinking they were too fresh too, maybe I will wait a week or so, have a great day!
You know how easy store-bought eggs are to peel? That should tell you how old they truely are.
LOL, no kidding, I have to tell my friends I give eggs too that they are really hard to crack otherwise they think it is weird!
eggs in the supermarket can be anywhere from 7 days old to 2 - 3 weeks old
I boil mine on the same day they are laid with no peeling problem at all. What I do is boil the water first. (Sometimes I add salt to the water) Once it is at a full boil then I add the eggs and then boil them for 14 minutes. Take them out and put them directly into a bowl with ice and water for a couple minutes. Once thats done I take them out and peel - No problem at all. (I have brown eggs and blue EE eggs, so color is not a factor)
Or older.

There's a thread on the FAQ page about several ways to hard boil a fresh egg.

My shells are definitely harder than store bought, as well. Actually, it seems to me that store bought brown eggshells are harder than store bought white ones. My preference for brown is because I figure with harder shells they should be a little fresher tasting.
I tried the salt trick for making hard-boiled eggs peel easier on the FAQ page. They peel SO much better! Even fresh eggs!

I've tried hard-boiling six week old eggs in plain water, and they still were very difficult to peel.

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