Eggs breaking

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    Question for all?

    I have 13 hens and all seem to be doing well. However, I have watching my hens and laying but I find that some are breaking. At least I believe so due to yellowish on or around other eggs that are being layed as well as small pieces if egg shells. Why would I have this? Is there something else that I need to feed them, am I not feeding them something important?

    I give them big size grit/ calcium from the local tracker supply store, laying pellets, scratch in the morning with veggies almost every morning. They have plenty of water and lots of room to roam. They have water and pellets in the run. I give them table scrapes when avalaible and sometime more.

    Now the chicken run it self is nothing but dirt and some old straw that I I put down for them to scratch through. They have eaten all the weeds and grass so nothing really grows back there. Their space is aprox 60 feet long by 15 feet in width, then narrows down to about 5 feet to the entrance of the coop. I don't let them out a lot cause I'm selfish in keep my lawn nice and my garden from being pecked out ( they have eaten all my kale to the bone. Most of my veggies from the garden go to them anyways) and destroyed.

    Any thoughts or answeres would be great.

    Thanks so much!
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    I know you mentioned grit/calcium. Does the bag specifically say it has calcium? If it's only grit it won't do much to harden the egg shells whereas something like crushed oyster shell will. Have you noticed on the eggs you do gather whether or not they seem thin-shelled or super fragile when you crack them. If so, I'd suspect a calcium deficiency. However, if you are finding yolk and bits of shell you may have an egg eater on your hands. That can be a real issue. The Learning Center has a great article on breaking an egg eater. Hope you find the solution!
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    Are they young pullets, just starting to lay?

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