Eggs by Courier


8 Years
Jun 27, 2011
Hi all,
We just got delivery of 12 Vorwerk eggs, it says on the note to leave them to settle for 24 hours before incubating them?. It seems a bit strange, so i would like to find out if this is just another old wives tale. The eggs will be going under one of our broody chickens we have two good sitters. One of our broody chickens is already sitting on 12 Japanese bantom eggs.

So if the eggs are sat under a chicken how could that be any different from sitting in a box for 24 hours, apart from the chicken turning them.

I have found some things in the past to be old wives tales like, don't let chickens eat raw potatoes skins, our chickens have been eating them for years with no i'll effects. I also found out that although rubarb leaves are indeed poisonous they have no effect on chickens. As we found by accident, we went out one day and when we came back we found the chickens in our vegetable garden and they had eaten all the leaves.

So if anyone can give me proof of why I should leave the eggs for 24 hours I would greatly appreciate it.

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