Eggs for sale sign

Ken H

10 Years
May 21, 2009
What do you think of my proposed 'Eggs for Sale' sign? I think the Leghorn picture will bring attention to the message. The cartons have the health benefits printed on them. I believe a quick attention getter is best for bringing in the potential customer and the detailed information on the container will hook em.

I'd put the word "fresh" somewhere in there....."Fresh Brown Eggs for Sale"? To me, that means all things good and yummy.
It's only a gimic to catch attention. Foghornleghorn is an icon that everyone knows. It's ment to get attention. There are lettered signs all around here, but a picture that gives a pleasent memory to all,I think, will get their attention.
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You see? It's working already. Seven replies in only a few minutes. That's the reaction I want for my sign. By the way, the picture of Leghorn is the one I painted on the nesting box door of my coop.
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