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How much should we ask for a dozen eggs? I am thinking about putting our a sign "fresh brown eggs for sale" - we live on a busy road. I have about 5 dozen today and I am thinking about putting out a sign on Saturdays only. We live on a busy road. I thought I would try it until someone tells me we cant do it. We live in Central Indiana about 20 miles east of Indy. Until now I have been giving them away to friends and neighbors. I am not trying to make a killing just wanting to help with the feed bill.
We sell them to coworkers and friends who WANT to give us more than $2 a dozen
which is all we will take. We were giving them away but people insisted on paying us.
That extra $10 a week pays for the feed.
We have a icecream truck that comes by our house. With 4 kids you know they just have to stop him. I trade eggs for icecream alote. He gives me $2.50 a dozen for them.
We sell ours for $3.00 a dz. No one has complained yet and I was told by a very good customer that at the farmer's market they go for $3.50 to $5.00.
That is so cool!

Yeah my kids think so too!! They hear him coming and they come running....."momma can we stop the icecream truck" , and just tell them "if he needs eggs you can" and they wait at the end of the driveway for him to get here. Weither it takes 10 minutes or an hour.
Thanks to all for the input, I was thinking of asking more than $3.00, I keep meaning to check the brown egg prices at the store but who buys store bought eggs anymore! We have over 2,000 pluse vehicles going by the house everyday and I think if I advertise Farm Fresh Brown eggs for $4.00 to $5.00 a dozen people might pay it.

One other thing I started dating my eggs with a pencil - I wonder if I should keep doing that if I am going to sell them. I live in the county and not the city - I wonder if it is even legal to sell eggs?
We live in hancock county Indiana.
Thank god we have chickens cause I would never pay $3-$4 for a dozen. LOL!

We sell xtras to people we work with. At first I was charging $1.75, then I felt bad and dropped my price to $1.50.

Exactly why I will never be a millionaire,
hate to feel like I'm over-charging or taking advantage of people. I don't want to be like those folks who have made a mess of the economy by being greedy.

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