Eggs from California to PA- Seramas, Duccles and Cochins!

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    Jul 18, 2008
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    11 eggies from PQ were shipped to me in a swap (my end of the bargain back to her is working on quail just started laying TODAY PQ---one egg but im excited so you'll get your swappers here shortly i hope)!

    ANYWHO.... these chicks arent due until tmorrow however I already have two chicks out

    looks like both are cochins! cept the first one doesnt have feathers on its feet so it may be a serama or a duccle....i have no clue..LOL!!!

    ANYWHOOO this is amazing to me, that 10 out of the 11 eggs developed to pipping! [​IMG]

    2 out and all the others are cheeping away so im sure they will be out soon if not tomorrow! [​IMG]

    I will add pictures a bit later. If you're looking for seramas, duccles and or cochins from a breeder who ships well and whos eggs develop very well no matter the distance....i deffiantly reccomend contactin PQ!!!! [​IMG]


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