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    May 18, 2007
    Portland, IN
    Chicken hatching eggs I have for sale are all pure;

    20----Standard lt. brahma

    8---- bantam lt. brahma

    20--- black and white lakenvelder

    9---- bantam white turken

    18---- black stand. LaFleche

    All chicken eggs are a 1.00 each.


    12----- black cayuga, some black/gray eggs and some are green. 2.00 each

    6----black indy runner----there is a brown hen in with these, so some eggs maybe from the brown duck. 1.00 each

    6----- Gray saddleback Poms and african dewlap, all are running together, so some will be pure and some will be mixed. 3.00 each


    18------ hens are black spanish, brown and the toms are bronze and wild. 1.00 each

    I ship flat rate and they run 6.00 for small, 11.00 for med and 15.00 for large.

    I have paypal, PLEASE NO debit card payments. Paypal is [email protected]
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  2. chicluver

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    Apr 1, 2008
    All the turkey, standard turkens and saddle back pom geese eggs I got from you are now running around here like crazy! Who can resist them...they're sooooo cute! I might have to get some more...can never have too many!

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