Eggs got cold will they hatch?


7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Tacoma Washington
A friend brought over eggs, They were outside for unknown amount of time but some nights it gets down in the high 30's low 40's. What are the chances they will hatch?
I warmed them to room temp then put in the incubator today. I will check them in 7 to 10 days (candle). But am wondering if i should expect to be tossing out a bunch of them or not.
Well I candled a few of the eggs. It was yesterday usually it would have been to early for me to see anything in the eggs. however a few of the eggs look like they are on day 10. Will it hurt them to hatch for a whole week rather then hatching all on one day?
Person I got the eggs from found a few nests the day he brought them to me. To brought eggs out of the nests not knowing when they were laid. I think his hens may have been setting on their eggs.
Just do your best to keep the humidity and temp stable and post pictures of your eggs I love that even if people think im weird
I would just incubate them and hope for the best.
I'm thinking of sticking to my schedule but instead of putting on lockdown on day 18. I might stop turning them on day 16, then raise the humidity from 40-45% to 55% on day 17, and up to 65% on day 18 unless hatch has already started at that point. Then humidity will be high from hatching.
I still plan to candle all the eggs on sunday to check and see if some aren't fertile.
I'm hoping for a lot of them to hatch. I'll try to get a pic later of the eggs. They are in a home made (second hand) incubator.
Okay I candled ALL my eggs tonight. I have 2 1/2 dozen eggs that were fertile. started with 3 dozen +1. Out of what is left there are 3 that are probably not going to make it to lock down. one has a big vein around the egg and small veins coming off that but last time I saw one like this the big vein later turned into a blood ring. The other two that are questionable have black spots attached to veins. all the rest are at different stages of incubation it seems. several look like they are on day 5, a dozen look to be day 7, and a few that look like they might even be further then that. The hens must have been sitting on their nests.
All I'm hoping for is to get a dozen healthy chicks. I'm guessing I might end up with several more out of this batch. I have a good home for all the "extra" hens. I'm just addicted to hatching chicks. My mom wants as many hens as I can give her. Roosters I plan to butcher. :)
I will probably hatch another batch out sometime this summer.

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