Eggs hatching 5 days apart using Brinsea Advance....advice!!


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
I have 2 eggs left in my Brinsea, one has 4 days left, the other egg has 8 days left. Was wondering what I should do once i need to go into lock down tomorrow when the 1st egg has 3 days left. Should i open the bator to turn the younger egg, or will that mess up the temp and humidity too much? Hopefully someone has some advice. Thanks!!!
I'm not sure but if you need to open during lockdown do it in a steamy bathroom so the humidity for the hatching egg stays up. good luck to both your eggs.
Ummm..I want to help u out here, but not sure how..that's ummm..once in lockdown sweetie your not suppose to open the bator
And then a other issue u have is if u open the bator to turn eggs during lockdown..yes..your messing everything up I would suppose

Then on top of that..when the eggs are hatching..and the others aren't even in time frame of lockdown..all that increased humidity from the other eggs..completely changed the humidity of the eggs that weren't ready for that much humidity

I do hope someone with more knowledge of staggered hatches can help h

I thought one needs two bat ors for staggered hatches

Iam wishing h the best though...
OH NO! It's half lock down, half death sentance. Unless you have time to set up another bator.
I have done the staggered hatch in the brinsea, and had no problems lifting the top off long enough to turn the other eggs. As long as you only leave the top off a couple of seconds, it should be fine. I wouldn't do it anymore once there is a pip though, but hopefully not being turned for a couple hours won't do anything to the other egg. It didn't with mine. The Brinsea holds humidity and temp VERY well, and recovers very quickly. Shouldn't be an issue. Good luck!

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