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    Hi [​IMG]

    So I have one chicken on medicated chick starter and was told not to eat the eggs for 14 days afterwards (other chickens have managed to get a hold of some too!)
    I also have another chicken on antibiotics - amoxycillin / clavulanic acid + enrofloxacin and was told not to eat eggs for a month afterwards.
    And I have also wormed them all with Ausmectin Drench and was also told not to eat the eggs for 14 days afterwards.

    My question is, I know humans can't have any of the eggs they lay, but can I feed them to my dogs ?

    I feel as though I would be wasting their eggs if I have to throw them away !!

    Thanks !
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    I wouldn't,
    just to be sure you are not enabling resistance somewhere down the line,
    especially the antibiotics.

    What is the 'medicine' in the medicated feed?
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    Check out the regulations where you live in Australia. Those antibiotics would render ALL the eggs produced by that hen inedible for the rest of her life here in the US. Here, chick starter can have amprolium added, and it's not an antibiotic, and there's no egg withdrawal. I have no idea what the wormer is that you mentioned, and if it's labeled for poultry, it should have egg withdrawal directions available. Mary

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