Eggs Moving!!

No, that's not too early!
They should be wiggling by day 14 so it's normal.
I'm on the same day as you!
When are yours expected to hatch? Mine are expected this weekend or early next week!

I wish both of us good luck and great hatches!
I am thinking of letting a hen raise her eggs for the first time...otherwise i have always bought 2 day olds...I CAN'T BELIEVE THE EGGS MOVE!!! :eek: Ok now I'll have to see this!
I've never noticed mine wiggle that early but then again I put them in egg cartons. Sometimes I swear I see one move but blame it on poor eyesight!!!

Hope all goes well and good luck to you both! Can't wait to see pics!!!
I am on day 16 also...the last time I took them out of the auto egg turner and put them on the wire cloth...I had a 50% harch - not real good but it was my first hatch!
Mine should be hatching this weekend. My temp has been 100-101 consistently with humidity 40-45% LG Still Air bator. Mine aren't in a carton, just laying on the screen. Stop turning on day 18 correct?
Yup, day 18 stop turning.
Thats cool mine are on 16 too...I haven't watched too much to see if they're moving. I'm going to now.
I do but I also hatch alot of eggs at one time (30+) so the cartons work perfectly for me. My eggs are on a turner until day 18 when they go in the cartons.

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