Eggs near hatching, hen won't sit on them anymore

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    Apr 19, 2011
    We found a snake in our duck nest yesterday. It had eaten 6 of the 10 eggs. Mama duck had been going in the house and just sitting next to the nest all this time. [​IMG]

    I candled the remaining 4 eggs and they are all alive. They were very dark as they are near term, but I could see a bit of movement in each one.

    The problem is that now she will not sit on them.

    I have an incubator running for chicken eggs that I started 5 days ago. The eggs are in a turner. Has anyone ever had success in removing eggs from a nest at this point and hatching them in an incubator? The duck eggs are at lockdown age, but the chicken eggs are not. Quite a predicament.

    ETA: She scattered the eggs this morning! I gathered them and candled them again... two have pipped internally! Now what?!
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