Eggs on the coop floor


10 Years
Apr 29, 2011
Springfield, Georgia
I posted a week ago about my girls not seeming to have any interest in their nesting boxes. Last night I went to put them to bed and found 2 eggs on the coop floor. I was excited to find the eggs but not on the floor! Will they eventually start laying in the boxes? They are 20 weeks old. The boxes are milk crates raised off the floor about 18 inches with pine shavings.
My first laying hen did the same thing. I put the egg in the nesting box and then put her in with it. She inspected the set up for less then a minute and then was out of there! The next day, she payed her egg in the same nesting box and has used either that one or the one next to it since! Good luck and congrats on the egg!!
Are the nesting boxes dark enough? My LFs like it dark. We draped toweling over the entrance and that helped. However that didn't work with my bantams who apparently like it less dark so they wouldn't lay in the boxes until we removed the cloth door. One still prefers the corner instead. Good luck!
Mine will still lay in the corner of the coop on the floor if somebody else is in their "favorite" nest box, even though there are plenty more available....chickens....

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