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Jan 15, 2018
North Florida
Good morning!
Egg questions for you egg-sperts:

I have 12 hens that are 10 months old. They are all laying because I have 12 distinct shades of colorful eggs.

I have never gotten 12 eggs in a day though. I have gotten 11 once, maybe twice. 10 a few times. Mostly around 8.

when I get 8, it’s not the same 8.

I have 2 adjoining coops with boxes as well as a shed they have chosen because I had a plastic pan in it they seemed to like. all 3 are used.
On days when I have gotten 6, I have wondered if I had a thief or if they were laying somewhere else in my big yard. I’ve had many egg hunts to no avail.
Should I be getting a consistent number daily? Should all 12 lay every day?

They are a mix of Olive, Easter, Maran, Wyandotte.



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Mar 9, 2014
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It takes about 26 hours for a hen to make the egg.
Not every hen will lay 7 days a week.
Some breeds are actually very poor layers and only produce 2-3 a week. Some breeds produce 5-6 eggs a week.
As winter approaches days get shorter. First year layers tend to lay through that first winter. Second year and older go into a fall molt and may not start up again until spring.
That said it all means that you shouldn't expect 12 a day or even 11.
As hens age laying tends to slow down some too.

I feel happy when of my 16 layers I get 10 eggs. My birds range from 2-6 years old right now.

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