Eggs set Friday 2/25.


9 Years
Oct 3, 2010
Shouldn't I see *something* in the lighter colored shelled eggs?

I candled the 3 light colored eggs and I saw nothing but the yolk floating at the top (fat end of the egg). So I grabbed a couple of the marans eggs and looked. Same thing. I was expecting to see something in there. Am I candling too early? Is that what I should be seeing?

I suspect my temps have been a tad low - I'd been keeping the LG thermometer at 99.5 but the Acurite therm/hygrometer digital thing has always been lower. So I put in my meat thermometer into one of the holes in the bator. It is typically lower than the LG therm. I have now bought a glass fever therm that is not digital (and not mercury). I don't know really what is in there, but it's environmentally friendly and made in Germany (instead of China!). This seems to read about the same as my meat therm. So.... I'm thinking I need to bump up the temp a tad to get the meat and glass thermometers to 99.5. I'm thinking 2 out of 4 therms reading the same should make those two the ones to read from. ?????

Have my temps been too low and development is behind?

It's an LG bator with a pc fan in it. Humidity has been mid 30s all along.

Any opinions on this?



9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
San Diego, CA
I'd say it's probably a little too early. I candled at 5 days and didn't see anything. I stuck them back in and then candled again at 10 days and then started to see stuff.

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