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  1. Hi!
    I will have a doz each to ship Sat (1/19).



    ~Naked Necks

    ~Barred Rock


    Price is $15.00 per dozen ($1.25 per egg) plus 'actual shipping'.
    Email or post here with your zip code so I can plug it in usps postcalc to get a total.

    (check 'my page' for pics)

  2. jkcove08

    jkcove08 Songster

    Apr 12, 2007
    How are your NN americanas doing? Cant afford any for a few more weeks at least but sure will be interested soon!! You have to tease sooooo much! Jenn

    RUHAMA In the Brooder

    Aug 29, 2007
    Hey Lisa,
    I have eggs hatching this week-end.
    Will now have room in the incubator, and pay-day on Thursday.
    I would like to buy a few of your green silkie mix eggs next week. No more than 6 to 8 please. Can send payment by paypal on Thursday the 24th. Can be shipped anytime after that. Is this dream possible now? Thanks, Eileen
  4. Jenn, the NN EE project is on hold til I can catch those girls again and clip their wings and move them back to the new pen (they are very good flyers).
    Eileen, I marked it on the calender. I need to get you a new pic of my chicks from the silkie feathered EE hens --- one has turned a most peculiar shade of orange (??).
  5. mustangsaguaro

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    Nov 30, 2007
    San Martin, Ca
    Quote:Hi Lisa-

    Just in case you see this first I did send you an email as I am interested in the Ameraucana eggs. My zip is 95046. I am leaving to go out of town Jan 24-27. If you have any Ameraucana eggs left could you hold off on sending them to me till I get back into town. Let me know.

  6. Got it and replied, Kim --- still have to check postcalc to get shipping.

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