Eggs taking longer than 21 days to hatch?


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May 15, 2012
I have some Wheaten Maran eggs that i've been incubating. I don't have the best incubator and I had to drive with them 2 hours in the car, so I wasn't expecting the best hatch rate. They were supposed to hatch last saturday but none ever did. I've candled them and many look quite clear, but there were a couple that were very dark like they had a mature chick inside. However, I only saw movement in one of them a few days before their hatch date and then never again.... (but the eggs are very dark brown so its really hard to see anything..).

Well, since it's three days past their due date and I couldn't see any movement inside any of them, I started to crack a few open, just to see if anything had begun to form in the first place. The first one I cracked open was completely empty, however the second had a large chick inside that was still ALIVE. However, it wasn't completely developed, looking like it had a good 3 or 4 days left. The eyes were still very big and black, it didn't look like a chick that was ready to hatch 3 days ago but couldn't, it looked like it still wasn't quite ready.

I'm going to continue incubating the rest for another week, but I just wanted to know if anyone knows of this happening, and if the chicks will hatch a week late or just most likely end up dieing?

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