eggs to swap - chicks will be sex-links, some will be naked necks


12 Years
Feb 4, 2007
I don't know what I want, just something new. So just tell me what eggs you would offer to trade. What I have to swap is a dozen eggs from a pen with a Rhode Island Red rooster and a buff naked neck rooster with Plymouth Barred rock hens. The chicks will be sexlinks and some will have naked necks. You can sex the chicks as follows;

All male chicks will be barred.
All female chicks will NOT be barred.
The barring will show up within a few weeks, but the barred males also have a white head spot at hatching time

This lets you know very early what the sexes will be.

Additionally males will be silver factor and females will be gold factor. The buff naked neck rooster seems to be fathering most of the chicks and I'm running abut 5 naked necks per dozen. The naked neck trait is not sex linked so males and females can have it.

So far with setting 67 eggs, 66 hatched so the fertility is fantastic. I'm in Massachusetts and prefer to swap with someone east of the Mississippi to cut down on time in the mail and postage. Any takers?

photo of some chicks hatched from this pen. The photo shows a larger percentage of buff than are usually hatched. A majority of the chicks have black down.


12 Years
Jul 22, 2007
standard breeds
i have cherry egger eggs, comet eggs, rhode island red eggs, new hampshire red eggs

bantam breeds
self blue oegb
silver duckweg oegb

and i got a mixture of a black oegb hen banty and a fullsized buff orpington rooster. not sure what will come out of it..

i have a pair of fantailed pigeons, i can give some of their eggs too once they lay.

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