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    Hi, lately I have found eggs with holes inside the coop, They keep appearing and it is very annoying because whatever is making them is not eating much of the yolk inside, just making a hole in the side of the egg. I don't think it's a hen because they eat all the yolk. However, sometimes when I put them in the hut in the day whilst I fix holes in the fence they move around a lot and an egg might get smashed. This doesn't happen often so it isn't a problem. Rooks, squirrels and magpies have eaten food around the hut so it may be one of them. Once, a hen laid some eggs elsewhere and when I found them, one of them had the same kind of hole in it. This is when the holes started appearing, so either it is that hen or whatever is cracking the eggs had a taste and decided it would eat eggs from now on. I can't really close the hut because it rains a lot and all the hens lay at different times in the day.[​IMG]
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    That's not good. I would recommend looking through our learning center:
    This may help you identify who's ruining your eggs. There are articles egg-eating chickens, predators, pests, and much more!

    Hope you enjoy the site!
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    Hi and welcome to BYC - you have some great advice already from BantamF4life so I'll just say hello!

    All the best
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    Other hens will follow suit if they notice her eating eggs - sometimes roll away nest boxes can discourage them. You can put "roll away nest boxes," in the search box and info should pop up.

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