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    Hi everyone , wonder if anyone can help me?....I'm quite new to being a chicken owner and find it quite rewarding, apart from the egg laying or should i say not egg laying. I bought my chickens on the 13th August and the man at the nursery said they were at the point of lay, well being new to owning chickens i took his word as the truth as i didn't know much about them really but have since researched lots of things and found this wonderful site on the way, anyway what i was wondering was is there a way to tell how old your hen is? They are both Orpingtons and one has a red comb and the other is just growing, so from what i've researched the one with the little pink growth of comb is still quite young and the one with the red comb is older and maybe at point of lay time. But another thing i wanted to know is will they produce any eggs this year or will they wait for the spring now if they were ready? Thank you
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    The "point of lay" on different chickens can vary depending on the strain of chicken, breed, and individual bird. While most chickens lay when they are 5-6 months of age, others take up to a year to start laying. But I expect that your hens will begin soon, as Buff Orpingtons are generally reliable layers.

    The reddening of the combs usually indicates that pullets are getting closer to laying. You'll also notice that they begin "squatting" when you reach down towards them (they do this because they think you are a rooster trying to mate them). Sometimes, their voices change, too. Just be patient; if your hens are actually hens (not roosters), the eggs will come in time. [​IMG]
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    I had the exact same scenario. On August 11 I picked up two pullets, I was told they are 20+ weeks old. One had a big comb and the other had (and still does) a small comb. To my surprise the one with the bigger comb layed her first egg the very next day. And today the small comb pullet layed her first egg.

    I knew it was going to happen soon because for the past week she would squat as I would approach her. And this morning I went outside to feed them and she was in the nesting box. It took her maybe an hour to finally lay it too.
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    Thanks for your answers, very helpful and guess what ......I only got my first egg laid yesterday, was exciting, sounds silly i know but it was, i was well pleased :).....Nothing today tho :(.....can not believe i posted on here then she went and iaid x thanks for replyng

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