Eglu Cube MK1 for sale with accessories! Philadelphia area pick up - $600


Mar 23, 2019
We purchased an Omlet Eglu cube MK1 with the 2m (6ft) run a few years ago and it has been FABULOUS!
Three small flocks have enjoyed it and lived in the lap of luxury!

Unfortunately with two small dogs, and the anxiety that predators cause when I'm not home, it has become too stressful to maintain a free ranging flock.

Priced out new the following would be over $1200.

We are selling with:
-2 gallon waterer
-metal treadle feeder (rodent proof, holds 17.5lbs)
-red metal egg skelter
- the Omlet Heavy Duty Cover for Sun and rain protection
- Omlet Extreme Temperature Jacket

-There is sun fading on the weather covers, but otherwise no rips or tears.

Treadle Feeder:



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Jul 12, 2018
Either way -- I'm actually on this forum today asking up and down if anyone has anything good or bad to say about this -- I've got 4 hens (pretty big girls) and I am afraid it won't be enough space. This run seems small, but I can add on I guess. Mostly worried about the coop area -- was it enough space for them? I have a bully who pecks the others when she is not given what she thinks is her due respect... I'm worried about cramming them all in there... thoughts??
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