Egypt - Important situation to Americans with world wide implications

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    For several days now, Egyptians have been protesting peacefully in the streets of Cairo.

    If this country gets into extremist Muslim hands, the entire world situation and the security of the United States will be in the balance. This is already affecting the US markets.

    Many of us aren't familiar with Egypt or its history. Egypt was pivotal to the early development of Christianity, in fact Alexandria was a great center of Christian learning. And there is still a sizeable group of Christians in that country.

    Egyptian Christians have faced terrible persecution in recent years. Shenouda III who is the leader of their Christian denomination, has begged the government to protect Christians from persecution. Many believe they preserve ancient traditions from the time of Christ and the early years of Christianity.

    In this video, you can see him, appealing to the government and the world(don't be surprised by their clothing, it comes from a very ancient Christian tradition):

    But today, and in fact for many years, ALL Egyptians are suffering due to the strict autocratic government. Today they are calling for changes to a more democratic rule. They are protesting peacefully in the streets. It is hoped that changes woud benefit ALL people of Egypt.

    Today, the police have moved in with water cannons and are attempting to clear the streets. Cairo is in an official lockdown.

    If you wish, please take a moment today to think of the people of Egypt who are hoping for a better life and a more democratic government. My quiet hope is that such changes would help to end the persecution of Christians in Egypt as they are in such a terrible situation, but I hope all will benefit.

    Egypt has been the US' ally and has helped greatly in maintaining peace with more extreme countries in the middle east. Egypt is critical as a bulwark against Iran, and has the Suez canal, an important waterway for the world. It is a pro-Western country that is trying very hard to bring better conditions to its citizens.



    It appears that the government has succeeded in shutting down all internet access in and out of Egypt. Some analysts are concerned that this predicts a severe backlash.

    The protests are now taking place not just in Cairo, but also in Alexandria and Suez. The protesters are asking for the president to step down, and are protesting their living conditions, lack of employment, corruption in food pricing, etc.

    My SO says that Obama brought all these issues out when he met with the leader in Cairo.

    News reports stress that all levels of our government are contacting the Egyptian government at this time.

    Update: The military has been called in to Cairo and will be backing up the police.
    Update: Opposition leader has been put on house arrest.
    Update: US press update has been delayed as the situation has deteriorated severely on the ground in Egypt, Mubarak (pres. of Egypt) has declined to speak to the people of his country. Our cabinet is extremely concerned about the deteriorating situation.
    Update: The main government buildings are burning and fighting in the street is escalating - the crowds are actually beating back the police and capturing police vehicles and appear to be removing equipment from government buildings.
    Update: The police and soldiers have withdrawn and there appears to be no government presence at all. No authorities in view.
    Update: Our press secretary is urging the Egyptian government to respond to the Egyptian grievances and violence is not the answer. Our government is working on 'position' - in other words, either the government responds appropriately to the people or our purse strings are tied shut.

    Update: there are now unconfirmable reports coming in that the Egyptian police are fighting the Egyptian military.

    Update: The Egyptian president has announced that he has fired the government and will present a new government tomorrow morning. But he will still be president.

    Update: President Obama spoke, urging the Egyptian government to make good on promises to reform and exercise restraint, he also asked the people in the streets to remain peaceful.

    Update: Most of the pictures in the street I'm seeing are of young people, some young families with women and children along. In Alexandria, the crowds beat back the police and the police withdrew.

    These people are not going to give up.
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    my good friend from work's daughter is living over there. she went in a cab the other day, and got tear gassed. its a tough time over there.
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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
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    True info that few know about.
    Oh may God be with them, strengthen them and protect them!
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    Jul 26, 2010
    I don't think there is another country in the middle east quite like Egypt.

    There have been attacks on Christians by extremists Muslims, so what has been happening, is that the Muslims have been going to church with the Christians, even on Christmas eve, and declaring that if the church is attacked, the extremists will be attacking Muslims as well. This is not just a couple people, either. This is a very broad action.

    From a news site:

    In a sign of goodwill, thousands of Muslims attended Christmas masses on Thursday and Friday alongside Christians. "I'm here to tell all my Coptic brothers that Muslims and Christians are an inseparable pillar of Egypt's texture," Mohab Zayed, a Muslim attendee at a Mass in a church in the Heliopolis district of Cairo, told The Times. "Copts have to know that we will share any pains or threats they go through."

    A large number of prominent Muslim intellectuals, actors and clergymen also joined Copts in their masses. Adel Imam, the Arab world's most famous actor, and Amr Khaled, a popular islamic preacher, attended Christmas liturgies.

    Also on Thursday, hundreds of Muslims organized a candlelight vigil to show solidarity with Copts in downtown Cairo's Tahrir Square. Copts had to celebrate Christmas amid both mourning and great security worries as the Ministry of Interior deployed thousands of armored vehicles, no less than 70,000 police officers, metal detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs around churches across the country.

    A campaign initiated by Muslim cultural tycoon Mohamed El Sawy called on Muslims to act as protecting shields outside churches Thursday and Friday. Leaflets were handed out by Muslim volunteers reading "we either live together or die together," referring to Copts and Muslims.
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    My daughter is very familiar with the middle east politics through her job in the U.S. Army. I called her and asked what she thought and she said,

    "I think Iran is behind all of this." That's all she could say.
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    I believe the culprits who organized this, will be brought to light.

    I have no doubt, that Egypt has some big brothers ready to back their play.

    Don't put too much faith in the media.

    just my .02
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    I am glad to see some one recognizes the issue here. (Issues)

    There are many many questions that need to be answered. There are many countries right now in unrest. And all of them are important to the US. We are proponents of democracy. But, as has happened before if we "support" an emerging democracy we may end up with a theocracy that is not sympathetic to the US.



    Tunisia - police joining protestors.....







    Clearly I do not have back up for all of the countries, but they are all in play at the moment.
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    Jul 26, 2010
    Maybe rather than turn to politics, we could continue to pray and wish for peace and progress for all the people of Egypt.
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    I have alot of admiration for Egypt and my favorite, the preservation of the Egyptian history. I did admire Anwar Sadat, more so with his American wife. I was saddened by his brutal assassination and not sure of Murbark, present president over 30 years now. I think the people are tired and wanted out of proverty and corrupted government. We all can feel sorry for them too. I've admired our favorite Egyptian advisor of antiquities, Dr Hawass. I sure do not want to work with him but admire him to protect Egypt and its history.

    I don't have all the facts before me but it would not surprise me if Iran or Iraqis or the dreaded Al Queda are all behind this madness. I agree, the media, does not have all of their facts straight.

    I hope all in all, peace will prevail in their country. After all, we really don't need another uproar to send our troops there when there are enough people that can deal with the problems themselves without other country getting involved.

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