Egyptian and Bar headed Geese


8 Years
Feb 20, 2011
Douglas, GA
I got a pair of Egyptians last year they haven't started breeding yet nor my bar heads that I got in February.They are out all the time, the bar heads walk to the pond in the morning and evening, but i haven't found any eggs there yet. I was getting worried that the bar heads might not breed this year because it looks like the male might have started molting. He is loosing some of his wing feathers. When should they start breeding?
It's getting late in the year for geese.

They lay when they lay, and they apparently don't read the books about geese.

How old are they? Are you certain you've got a pair. Are you certain they haven't hidden the nest or had eggs stolen by just about every predator out there that eats eggs (and there are a lot of them)

Crows ruined 2 nests of goose eggs here.
Yes im sure that they are both pairs. I thought that the bar heads may have already laid and I justhavenr found the nest yet. But I didn't know because this is the first laying season I have had them. But the weather was weird this year my wood ducks laid a month or two earlier than last year so that could have messed the geese up.

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