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I am offering 18 Egyptian Fayoumi eggs, plus any extra that are laid. I will begin collecting on Monday the 7th and will ship all I collect on Monday the 14th.

The regal looking Egyptian Fayoumi is an old breed, very hardy, maturing early and they lay prolifically. My hens began laying small cream colored eggs at 4 months of age! They are not known for being broody but one of my hens tenaciously sat a nest last year.

I currently have 12 fayoumi eggs in the incubator (day 10) and all of the them are developing.

First payment gets this next batch of eggs.

Our paypal: [email protected]


These are my young fayoumi's:


ETA: I upped the number of eggs from 12 to 18 because these girls are laying like crazy.
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When they were allowed to free range they loved to roost in trees and even when penned they would roost on top of the six foot tall chain link enclosure, so we have had to clip their wings. They are not distressed to be in their breeding pen at all.

I think they have just retained that instinctive, "I need to be up in the air-safe from predators when I sleep" thing, that is written into their DNA. lol

As far as temperament, this description off of a wikipedia site is accurate per my experience with them:

Fayoumis are a hardy breed, and particularly well suited to hot climates.[4] The breed, through poultry genetics research and anecdotal reports, is thought to be especially resistant to viral and bacterial infections.[1] They are also very good foragers, and if left to their own devices on a free range basis they can fend for themselves in a nearly feral manner. Fayoumi hens are good layers of small, off-white eggs. They are not given to broodiness as pullets, but can be when they reach two or three years of age. The breed is fast to mature, with hens laying by four and half months, and cockerels crowing at five or six weeks.

This breed are not cuddly type birds that is for sure. However, they are not aggressive to either people or other chickens.

I used to have some Fayoumis, not snuggly, but great on bug control. They really kept the fly population in check around the coop and run.
That's true! They are also hyper vigilant, and the first to notice and send out an alarm if there is a hawk overhead or stranger around. There is something a bit exotic about them, they are very interesting to watch.
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I understand that! Every time I post eggs I find myself tempted to order some new breed from someone else for myself. lol

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