Egyptian Fayoumis Not Laying ?


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Sep 21, 2008
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My 18 week old Egyptian Fayoumis, who we have determined on this forum is a girl, has not produced any eggs that I know of yet..... Although they seem to make nests in the straw under their hen house, I have never seen any of my birds in the nesting box. The roof to the hen house allows natural light in, should it be dark ?

I keep the three of them in the coop until just past noon, then they have the run of the back-yard, not a big yard, have not seen them nesting out there. If they were eating the eggs, would I see the remnants of shells ?

Thanks- First time Chicken keeper


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Nov 18, 2007
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My first to lay was 17 weeks and the last was 27 weeks. Mine were from the same hatch. Some have posted that theirs didn't lay until 30 weeks.

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